We know that the Southern tech potential is tremendous –
We’re here to make it bloom.

We back BGU’s outstanding students and recent grads with
an early-stage investment of up to ₪ 100,000, and full support in everything
you need to grow your startup.

Registration for our upcoming investment round is currently closed

Our Process



Fill in the initial form. It will help you orient towards the process and what investors look for in start-ups.



If you pass the screening, you’ll meet our analysts. You’ll pitch to them and get some questions as a follow-up.

Try to prepare as best as you can, it’s ok if you don’t have all the answers yet.


Due Diligence

Now we’ll dig a little deeper.

Guided by one of our analysts, you’ll be asked to prepare some documents for the upcoming investment committee, improve your pitch, and present it at our pitch night.


Investment Committee

The moment of truth!

You’ll pitch to our committee who will follow-up with some hard, but necessary questions. We’ll consider all aspects of your startup and decide whether or not to invest.


Cactus Portfolio

Welcome aboard!
As part of Cactus’s portfolio, you’ll get more than just a check.

Follow-on Investors
Networking & Startup Community
Legal Consulting
Cloud Storage Credits
Tailor-Made Support

Our Investment Tracks

Global Vision
Market Need
Tech Oriented
Ability to Execute


₪ 10,000


₪ 100,000

Questions & Answers

General Information

Yes! Just send us an email to hello@cactus.capital

Application Process

Yes – Our “Kickstarter” track was created specifically for startups at the beginning of their journey.

We accept applications in which at least 50% of the founders are BGU students or recent graduates (two years post-graduation) from Ben-Gurion University.

If your startup is unrelated to the field of your thesis or research, you can submit the application.

During the submission periods that take place twice during the academic year, around the beginning of each semester.

There is no limitation on the number of founders in a startup for an application to be accepted.

Any technological solution addressing a real need, in any market or field.

While you are still eligible to apply, we do seek teams that are capable of execution.

No. We don’t ask for a business plan/one pager/budget during the application. If we continue the process with you past the initial application, you will need to prepare these documents.

We keep your information confidential—only our advisors and drafting committee will have access to it. Nevertheless, we do not sign an NDA agreement (almost no VC or accelerator would do so with an early-stage start-up).

Not at all. We believe that competition is a positive thing. If there are more start-ups in your field, it means the market wants your product and it solves a real problem. But this also means you need to find your uniqueness and your added value.

Of course! If your application was rejected, we recommend that you email us and understand why it was rejected so that you can make changes and submit again next year.

Investment terms

Our contracts are SAFE-type contracts, this type is known as the most friendly to entrepreneurs, you can read about the SAFE investment method here.

No. Our contract is fixed and the same for everyone.

We’ve investigate each case individually, if your start-up has already raised money, contact us on hello@cactus.capital.

Portfolio Companies

Cloud Credits, a bunch of network for future investors and startup founders, Cactus Capital network of portfolio companies & access to experts on campus

When we refer start-up founders to investors, it means we are recommending them. hence, we know them well and preferably have worked with them. If we don’t know you well, we can’t recommend you. Furthermore, we don’t make intros for commissions and/or any kind of other compensation.